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Compatible and Re-manufactured printer cartridges

Truth of Fiction? Will compatible and re-manufactured printer cartridges damage or shorten the lifespan of your printer?

As one of the oldest manufacturers of generic cartridges in South Africa, we certainly have seen serious damage done to printers by the use of low quality compatible and generic cartridges sourced from unscrupulous dealers and resellers.

In much the same way as low quality parts will damage your car, or any other mechanical device, it is important for consumers to understand that incorrect or low quality after-market printer parts will damage your printer.

Correctly manufactured and guaranteed Generic or Compatible cartridges will however save you and your company a lot of money. With the high quality after-market spares available today, a good manufacturer should be able to guarantee the same quality, and the same or better page yield (number of pages you can print) as the original cartridge.

The question isn't whether you should use re-manufactured cartridges, but rather who should you trust to supply you with quality Generic and Compatible cartridges.

Find a partner you can trust

Consumers are encouraged to research the credentials of any printer cartridge supplier before starting a business relationship:

  1. Make sure that you use a reputable company and check their references.
  2. Visit the factory to ensure they have the technology and capacity to manufacture cartridges, and are not just looking for a quick buck.
  3. Make sure that your manufacturer has references in the retail industry as retailers are well versed in the pitfalls of the industry, and will not stay with a manufacturer if they have quality problems.
  4. Finally, make sure that you get it in writing that the supplier will replace or repair your printer if the cartridge is the cause of a printer breakdown or malfunction.

Migrating from original cartridges to generic printer cartridges will result in significant savings. There is a limit to what you should expect to save though. The cheaper you go, the more likely it is that the cartridge could damage your printer.

As a rule of thumb generic cartridges should save you up to 40% on the original. Be careful of cheap cartridges though. If a re-manufacturer provides compatible or generic cartridges with a saving of more than 40%, it could mean that all the parts in the cartridge are not new or that cheap after-market spares were used to manufacture the cartridge. We recommend you contact an established and reputable re-manufacturer for advice before using the product. Cheaper is not always better.

Why choose to work with Premium Cartridge Supplies?

Originally started in 1989 as Ink Ribbon Services, CIS & Premium Cartridge Supplies has grown to become one of the biggest, most experienced and trusted manufacturers of Laser, Ink and Ribbon cartridges in South Africa, employing more than seventy people over five national branches.

If we cannot guarantee our cartridge will not cause damage to your printer, we will not manufacture the cartridge. We currently manufacture more than 4000 cartridges for just under 3000 national customers - our track record speaks for itself.

With our qualified printer technicians, we take great care to ensure that we not only look after your cartridges, but also your printers - as if it were our own.

Need expert advice?

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