3D Printers, Flaments
and Accessories

3D printing innovations to help you transform your dreams and designs into 3D models.

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3D printers

Creality 3D Printers

Let us help you find the best 3D printer to fit your needs. The Creality collection of 3D printers provides you with a robust line of affordable 3D printers for beginners, intermediaries and experts alike.

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3D Filament

3D Printer Filaments

In the realm of 3D printing, there are plenty of options for your 3D printing requirements. At Premium Cartridge Supplies, we take pride in offering an extensive range of 3D printing filament, like PLA, ABS, PETG and more, as well as the ‘exotic’ filaments that allows you get really creative!

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3D Pens

Our range of 3D Pens will allow you, or your child, to let your imagination inspire your creativity. The pens are easy to use and the web offers readily available downloadable templates to help inspire you.

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