Technical support services

Computer Imaging Supplies Technical Division was originally started in the Western Cape and was the direct result of an extensive customer care workshop. Our team conducted years of field studies, international travel and research to discover how we can provide our customer with exceptional service that are on par with international standards. As a result Computer Imaging Supplies has now become one of the few Companies in South Africa that can offer Full support for all their products.

Skilled and expertly trained staff

Our Technicians are available to you. This means that instead of sending your printer away for what could be expensive and sometimes unnecessary repairs, a phone call to one of our technicians may solve the problem.

Peace of mind

All our products are fully guaranteed. This means that we guarantee that if the product is handled correctly it will not damage your printer in any way. Our Technical team is there to see that we live up to this standard. Fully trained technical staff can assess what was the cause for printer malfunctions as well as repair them and will do so at no charge if they found that the product was the cause of the Malfunction.

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