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Office Printer Solutions

Match the printer to your office, not the office to the printer
The right printer for your office will increase performance! Take into consideration how many people will be using the device, where will the device be positioned, the document workflow and security of information?
Network and IT Security
In the olden days a printer may not have been much of a concern other than the threat from folks leaving printed confidential documents behind, but many modern printers come network aware with embedded Operating Systems, storage and full IP stacks. If not properly secured, these can provide hackers with a back door to your Company Network as well as give them access to the information stored in your printer’s hard drive.
InkJet, Laser, LED or Solid Ink?
The days where the only choice for Office Printing was Laser printers are long gone. Ink Jet Mono and Colour technology have gained huge market share. With print speeds faster than Lasers and in some cases cheaper consumables, Ink Jet printers must be considered as a viable option for Office Printing.
Printer and printing cost financing
Should you finance the printer through your bank, buy it cash or use Rental options? Every financial option has pro’s and con’s built into it. Ensure that contracts are scrutinized before signing as hidden costs such as “Escalations” can end up costing you a fortune.

Home printer solutions

InkJet or Laser
The line between InkJet and Laser technology is becoming more and more blurred. Laser printers use to be more expensive to buy, but less expensive to use and vice versa. This however is no longer the case and both Laser as well as InkJet technology needs to be considered every time you buy a home printer.
Cheaper Printers are More Expensive
Cheaper and entry level models usually quickly becomes very expensive due to their operating costs. The price of printer cartridges has become one of the most important things to consider before buying a printer. The “True” cost of printing has to be calculated. In order to make the right decision you will need to make an informed decision. Ink Jet and Laser home printers can cost you from R0.08c per page up to R1,80 per page.
Multi-Function Printers
These devices offer the home users additional functions such as Scanning, Photocopying and Faxing. Each of which is a specialized field and before you decide on a MFP you will need to prioritize the importance of these features and then select the device accordingly.
Printer Manufacturers
Careful consideration needs to be taken when you decide which manufacturer is the best. Make sure that Printer spares are affordable and Repair agents are available in South Africa to avoid throwing the printer away the first time it breaks. If you can, buy from merchants that have their own repair division as they will be able to help you when you have set-up or printing problems.

Photo Printers

What's the difference?
Photo printers are different to normal Office and Home printers mainly due to the High Resolution, Range of Inks and Range of Photo Papers these printers need to produce images of high quality. Other features such as memory card readers, Colour displays and the right software are all factors that could make a big difference.
Dedicated Photo Printer
Near-dedicated photo printers don't offer the same kinds of extras as dedicated models. Although they are able to print photos reasonably well, you will usually have to forfeit some photo features to accommodate home or office printing.
Printer Heads and Cartridges
Often over looked, the number of printer heads in a printer is of extreme importance. Photo printers offering you Light colours with six or more heads in the printer offer increased print quality. Printers where the Heads and the ink is separate will usually work out a lot cheaper to operate than those where the Head is one with the Ink Tank.
How are You Going to Connect?
Most dedicated photo printers can print from a computer over a USB connection, but they're really meant as standalone devices. Would you need to use Wi-Fi connectivity and how will this effect speed? Can the printer print directly from PictBridge cameras and memory cards? Can the Printer print from android devices?
High Resolution
The higher the resolution, the better the quality of your Photo. Photo printers need to be able to print in excess of 2400 dpi. Sometimes listed with resolution in two directions, such as 4800x1200 DPI is better.

Printer maintenance

Premium Cartridge Supplies is one of the few South African Companies that offer Maintenance and/or Toner supply contracts to our customers regardless of where or how they purchased their office equipment.

Different Contracts are available and provided spares are still readily available and the device is still in good working order, we even provide Maintenance Contracts for second hand printers.

Toner Supply Contract
  • The Toner Supply Contract is available on its own as well as with the maintenance contract.
  • Toner Supply Contracts are usually based per copy, but can also be structured per cartridge for older printers.
  • Supply contracts makes it easy for you to budget your expenses.
  • Printer cartridges are supplied upfront by us and the customer only pays for what they have used.
  • Consumables are delivered to your door.
  • There are no risk of redundant stock and if a printer is changed the consumables are returned at no cost.
  • Significant savings on your printing costs.
  • In addition to consumables, we also stock a wide range of Stationery, Office Equipment and Computer peripherals. Making us your one stop printer and consumable shop.
Office Equipment Maintenance Contract (New Products)
  • Maintenance Contracts supply peace of mind. No longer do you have to worry about expensive “surprizes” when your printer brakes.
  • Our service agreements are not limited to technical call outs, but also include telephone support. If you print and nothing comes out, just pick up the phone and speak to one of our technicians.
  • We supply loan units. This means that you do not have to worry about down time.
  • Our qualified and experienced technicians resolve more than 80% of maintenance issues on site.
  • Printer break downs costs us money, so we understand the importance of Preventative maintenance. Keeping your printer in good shape, saves us money.
  • Optional Device management software keeps you up to date with device usage and supply levels.
Office Equipment Maintenance Contract (Existing Products)

Our Maintenance Contracts for existing office equipment are tailor made for you. Choose between:

  • Full Maintenance Plan: Subject to inspection, If the device is less than three years old and in good working order our complete maintenance contract can be an option.
  • Premium Care™ Maintenance Plan: This is unique in the industry and comes at no extra cost to you. To qualify for this plan, simply commit to using our consumables with a cost per copy or cost per cartridge supply plan. The Premium Care™ maintenance plan includes two full technical services per device for free and should your device break down we will do the repairs without any call out or labour charges. In addition to this, all parts will be supplied at cost price.
  • Extended Warranty: For a fixed monthly fee we can extend your warrantee for one to three years, giving you peace of mind.

Printer Rentals and Contracts

So you have finally decided what Printer or MFP is the right buy for your business or Home and must now decide the best way to pay for it, only to find that there are as many financial options, and contracts, as there were printers.

Office Equipment Contracts, Lease and Maintenance agreements can be intimidating and costly if you do not know what to look for. Before you decide what financial plan will suite you best, keep the following in mind.

Insist on a Total Cost for the Period
There are several alternatives when it comes to printer financing. Do not let your Office Equipment Supplier choose the correct option for you, instead ensure that YOU choose your financial plan. Insist on seeing the “Total Liability” for the FULL term of the contract.
Check for escalation clauses.
In order to make your initial monthly payment sound better, Office Equipment suppliers often build in escalation clauses. If you did not ask for it insists that they be removed and if you are considering it, make sure you understand the financial effect it will have on your “Total Liability”. Check what your final years monthly instalment will be and consider the affordability there off.
What happens at the end of the Lease or Contract?
Who owns the printer at the end of the contract? If the printer must be returned then it is likely that this will be at your cost.
What is the “auto renew” rules in the agreement
In order not to “auto renew” most Office Equipment leases have a very strict code of how, when and where to send your formal cancellation notice. And if you don’t abide you have just bought yourself another 2 years with an outdated copier.
What alternative Structures are there?
Maintenance and Toner contracts can be entered into without purchasing printers on Lease, Hire Purchase or Contract. You may be better off arranging financing through your own bank or other financial institutions. What will the “Total Liability” be if you buy cash. If your equipment provider does not want to allow you to save by buying cash and only taking a Maintenance and/or Toner Supply contract then do not buy from them!
How are YOU protected?
What happens when your device breaks? Make sure that the agreement specifies respond times to breakdowns. Are you going to get a loan printer and will the loan printer be adequate? Who is responsible for insurance? What happens if they sell the Company and the new people do not look after you? These are the questions you are going to need answers to before entering into the agreement
What about early settlement?
It is usually when you ask about early settlements that you find out just how much you are paying. Ensure that early settlement is explained in your agreement and that you understand it. Early Settlement usually includes the full monthly amount for minimum copies for the remaining months of the contract.
Financial Penalties for upgrading
Lease agreements are often sold with the “Benefit of upgrading your office equipment” at any time during the agreement. But when you do want to upgrade you find that these upgrades comes at a price.

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